Research and Development

All our products go through years of trialling, from the durability and strength of  clamp covers to the highest yielding grass and maize variety’s.


All of our “Bred for Britain” maize varieties have been specifically bred for and extensively tested in the UK both in official NIAB trials and in our own large scale farm trials on over 50 locations across England, Scotland and Wales. We trial maize varieties suitable for forage, grain and biogas production both conventionally drilled and under plastic.


We have done a lot of research over the years on finding the best  starter and foliar fertilisers to improve maize establishment and yield. We wont sell anything without having the years of data to back it up.

Oilseed Rape

Our ever growing portfolio of winter oilseed rape varieties offers something for everyone, from the stable on-farm favourites to exciting new varieties, all of which go through extensive UK testing by the HGCA and NIAB TAG.


Our mixtures are blended using the latest varietal information from RGCl, the scottish Colleges (SRUC) and afbini. The emphasis is on productivity with d values very much in mind. The aim is to produce a highly productive ley with excellent digestibility, high disease resistance and the required persistence.

We are constantly trialling varieties under actual farming conditions and evaluating the results as regards both yield performance and actual animal intake. The variety selection emphasis is based on numerous factors. Yield alone, under both cutting and grazing regimes, although very important, is not the only measurable characteristic that requires consideration for a particular Triumph Ley. Of considerable importance are attributes such as forage quality – palatability, D values, aftermath digestibility, sugar levels, etc – disease resistance, sward density, seasonal growth distribution and winter hardiness.

Cover Crops

We trial a range of cover crop mixtures and straights to find which give the best establishment and ground cover, but also which provide the best root and plant mass to improve soil structure and break up compaction whilst retaining nitrogen in the soil.

Fodder Beet

We run trials with a number of different fodder beet varieties to find which provide the highest dry matter for anaerobic digester units and which have the best characteristics for forage fodder beet.